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About This Site

This page began after my wife's grandfather passed away. He was a handyman. Deep in one of his outbuildings was a vise. I knew nothing about them other than "ooh! useful!". I acquired this along with some other tools of his and wanted to know more about them but did not find much information.

It may surprise you to know that the only vise I own is a small, unrestored, Reed 23.

Along with other members of GarageJournal I wanted to know more about this neat piece of useable history. At the time I worked a very low-maintenance computer-job and had plenty of time for researching. I began keeping notes on the different "major players" of vise companies.

While some of the information presented on this page was submitted to me by e-mail the great majority I found on the web by reading forums and crawling search engines. I am still more than happy to receive new information to update these tables with; unfortunately though almost all my knowledge is already written here - so it's unlikely I can help field additional questions by e-mail.

Now with two children and a much busier job I do not spend as much time researching tools. I've moved this website from server-to-server over the years trying to keep it available at my own cost to anyone who finds it useful.

After much deliberation about continuing to keep this website online - I most recently picked this up again and began to remove the information from a MediaWiki website I've used for years to a personal machine that resides at my home. I hope the traffic to this site doesn't overburden my small connection, and I hope it still proves useful to keep this page online.

This information is not my own. I claim no copyright. I claim no accuracy. I only claim that I've done my best to keep the information here correct based on eye-witness submittals provided to me through the internet - including old advertisements and measurements/information submitted by other tool lovers like us.