Rock Island Vise

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Vises made by Rock Island

ID/Information Chart

ID Image (click for Larger) Years of Production Original Cost Jaw Width Opening Width Weight Anvil Replaceable Faces Pipe Clamp Base Type Other
No 50 3.5" N N N Swivel Swivel Jaw
No 52 4.5" ~50lbs N N N Swivel Swivel Jaw
No 75 N N N Fixed
No 93 N N N Fixed
No 95 N Y N Fixed
No 141
6" ~60lbs N N N Fixed
No 143
N N Y Swivel
No 374 N Y N Swivel
No 542-BX N Y Y Swivel
No 571 N Y N Swivel Also sold under Craftsman badge as a Craftsman 5160.
No 574 WWII era N Y N Swivel
No 577
6" ~145lbs-~155lbs N Y N Swivel