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= Random Projects =
=== Otto's Axe ===
My wife's grandfather passed away in 2008. In 2018 while taking down a tree on his property, we found this axe-head. My wife's father asked if I could "clean it up a little, but leave some character". This is what we started with: [[File:MichaelAxeBefore.jpg|thumb|leftright]]
After some electrolytic rust removal I still had to to take a wire brush to clean it out. I chose an axe handle for its "character" (it's got heartwood and the grain is not ideal for a used-axe, but for a mantle-piece it looks nice). It was then re-painted in the original [[Council Tool]] red with angled slash. Also made a leather sheath/edge guard for it. [[File:MichaelAxeAfter.jpg|thumb|leftright]]
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