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Company History/Information

  • http://www.yostvises.com/
  • Some Hollands are confused with Yosts, since Yost manufactured some vises in Holland, MI.
  • Company founder G..M. Yost spent 6 years running the Emmert Vise Co prior to starting the GM Yost Co. In 1916 he left (sold?) the company to go work for the Columbian Hardware Co designing vises.
  • 1907 G.M. Yost Co is founded in Mechanicsburg, PA with IE Yost as President, GM Yost as VP and General Manager, and TJ Kennedy as Secretary and Treasurer.
  • 1907 Purchased vise factory of Peter A. Frasse Co and moved it to Mechanicsburg, PA
  • 1909 Purchased the plant and equipment of the Meadville Vise Co.
  • 1910 Purchased the Williamson Vise Co. and moved the plant to Meadville.
  • Trade names used: Stephens and Snediker quick acting vises, Yost parallel machinist vise

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