Athol Vise

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Vises made by Athol

ID/Information Chart

ID Image (click for Larger) Years of Production Original Cost Jaw Width Opening Width Weight Anvil Replaceable Faces Pipe Clamp Base Type Other
No 3 1.25 N N N Clamp
No 015
Image from Zoomieport
5" 40lbs Y Y Y Swivel
No 79 3.125 N Y N Fixed "1884" cast into movable jaw
No 86 1.50 N N N Clamp LS Starrett branded Athol

Note that in the second example image, Harvey has a Starrett129 bench block base on his.

No 91 N N N Fixed, Cornered
No 114X
4" 28lbs N Y N Fixed, Cornered Athol M&FC. Athol Mass, Made in USA

Restoration Thread on by BanjoSavesTheDay

N N Y Swivel
324½X N Y Y Swivel
N Y N Fixed, Cornered
614 1/2 N Y N Once example is Fixed, the other is Fixed & Cornered Athol Mass. Made in USA

Different bases between the two example images most likely from different manufacture time periods.

615 N N N Fixed, Cornered
623 1/2 N Y N Swivel Starret 623½
624 4.5" N Y N Swivel
624 4.5" N Y N Swivel Starrett Branded
624½ N Y N Swivel
677 2" N Y N Swivel (missing in this image)
2.5" N N N Swivel Stationary main handle
923C 3" 28lbs Y Y N Swivel
924 ½
4.5" 8" ~60lbs Y Y N Fixed